Getting Started


PizzaTime2 is a reincarnation of the old PizzaTime plugin and it aims to be more flexible, more user friendly and support more product types.
This documentation is for PizzaTime2 only.


PizzaTime2 is essentially a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin, so the requirements are as follows:

  • WooCommerce 3.4+
  • WordPress 4+
  • PHP-gd library (optional)


After you purchase the plugin you should receive file which contains two files: and contains the old version of the plugin which is no longer supported. is the new plugin and it's recommended for installation.
Either zip file can be installed through the WP admin area or manually using an FTP client.
If you get the "The link you followed has expired." message kindly check this solution or use the FTP installation method.

Basic Usage

Once the PizzaTime2 product is created you can use it directly on the product page or with the [product_page] shortcode.
The plugin comes with 3 presets: Pizza Builder, Salad Builder, Fruit Salad Builder.
These videos show how to create PizzaTime2 products with the default presets:

Theme Compatibility

Make sure that your theme supports WooCommerce. It's worth checking how the product page looks like. The plugin follows theme's layout, so keep in mind that the product image column should be wide enough as this will be the column where the pizza image is displayed.


Please refer to the FAQ page.


The plugin is open source and GPL licensed.

User Manual


A section is an ingredient category. One section can be used for different product types, for example in the default installation of the plugin Dressings section is used for Pizza Builder and Salad Builder presets.
Important options:

  • Required. Determines if at least one item of the section must be selected
  • Multiple. Determines if multiple items of the section can be selected


PizzaTime2 comes with more than 100 ingredients for pizzas and salads. You can also add your own ingredients and sizes.
Important options:

  • Section. An ingredient can only be assigned to one section. Always check this option to avoid errors.
  • Type. (Regular Ingredient, Size, Base). Size type opens specific fields such as Price Multiplier and Price per Preset. Base is a pizza crust, or a salad bowl.


Preset is a set of sections and ingredients. When you create a preset you can select available and selected ingredients. Make sure that selected ingredients exist in the available ingredients list as well!
Once created the preset should be assigned to a PizzaTime2 product as shown in this video.

Important options:

  • Preset Price. (Dynamic, Fixed, Fixed Plus). Dynamic price is calculated by PizzaTime2 plugin. Fixed price is set in the Regular Price field of the product. Fixed Plus takes Regular Price of the product as the minimim price, adding extra charge for new ingredients selected by customer.
  • Available sizes, Selected size
  • Available ingredients, selected ingredients



Important options:

  • Buy Group. Here you can configure the number of products a customer should add to cart to get a discount for the set number of products in the Get Group.
  • Get Group. Here you can select PizzaTime2 products which receive discounted price.


PizzaTime2 is translation ready which means you can change any text of the plugin. The easiest to do this is to use Loco Translate plugin.